Best Emerging Writer Nominations | 2013 Showcase Awards Finalists
Alberta Magazine Publishers Association

Devon Jolie, History Denied

Born and raised under the Third Reich, My grandma lived at the centre of Nazi Germany. Even after marrying a British Soldier, she held allegiance to Hitler, And her conviction left me wondering,
“Who was she really?”

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Melissa Molloy, The Accusor and Us

WMAawardlogoFor five years, we are hauled through the “system.” My husband
Says: Be nice. It has our lives in its hands.

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More feature stories from Profiles West, Summer 2012

Chemical Restraints 
by Tanis Brown

My grandfather had surgery and ended up with delirium. Worse, he was then drugged without our knowledge. Then we fought back against Risperidone and the system.

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Trapped in the ‘Friend Zone’
by Andrew Szekeres

She met me in a silky, blue nightie and invited me to her bed. What do you think happened next?

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Ogden vs. Lake Bonavista
by Jodi Egan

My parents moved us to a bigger house with a nicer lawn, and more refined neighbours. Yet, it’s rough, illogical Ogden that I still miss.

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Relationship Abuse: A Solo Battle
By Jenica Foster

He flirted with other girls, told her she looked ugly, needed to lose weight. The police came to save her. In response, she agreed to marry him.

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